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Welcome to Artist Uprising! So, you are ready to add some artistic style to your space? Our team of artists, designers, fabricators & curators are ready for your call! Whether you are looking to add a mural wall, a window display or ceiling installation, framed art for your walls, or even hire one of our interior design consultants to select your furniture and fixtures, we are excited to add some personality to your business environment. Choose from any of our services below, or visit Artist Uprising for more details. 



What better way to connect your space with meaning than to commission a local artist to do a mural in your space. We source muralists from all over the US, but we love when clients see the value in paying it forward to their local art community! We are excited to curate the talent around you - talent that is perfect for the job, style, and budget! Yes, we even commission 100ft exterior murals as well! Sky's the limit. 


Need help selecting furniture & fixtures? How about determining a color pallet and style guide? Our design team is passionate about working with you to bring to life a work environment that feels like home. 


Maybe you don't need an interior designer, just a little help sprucing up the walls with some framed art? Connect with our design team and share your thoughts! We honor our clients' budgets, and can curate art (or create it!) that best fits your style and budget. 


Need signage? Let's go with something not so boring and get creative! Whether it be a custom neon sign or a 3D installation, our artists and fabricators are excited to jump in!



Do you have a commercial property that needs an interactive sculpture? An Instagrammable experience? This is where our design team and fabricators shine. We can't wait to talk to you!


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